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Yamuna News

  • Body lotion or body butter?

    Body lotion or body butter?

    Several people have told us that they do not know exactly when to use body butter or body lotion. Read our latest blog entry and you will find out which one you need to use.

    So body butter or body lotion? 

    If you also get lost in the world of moisturizing and skin friendly body lotion products easily, now we can help you to decide which is the ‘one’ for you.

  • Easter bunny, hop, hop, hop!

    Easter bunny, hop, hop, hop!

    Luckily, more and more people care about their environment these days. Many collect waste selectively. Others do not use plastic bags, prefer tissues made of recycled paper, clean with biodegradable cleaning products, and so on. Also, there are people who do not purchase cosmetic products which are tested on animals. 

    How can we know that a product has not been tested on animals? By a rabbit logo, which can be found on the back side of the label of the product.

  • Perfume contra essential oil – is ‘natural’ really natural?

    Perfume contra essential oil – is ‘natural’ really natural?

    What is the first thing you do when you take a cosmetic product off the shelf? You smell it! Only then you turn it round and start to check its ingredients.

    And do you know what it actually means that you are reading?

    Honestly, even if I am a specialist, sometimes I do not know about some of the ingredients, either.

    Especially when it comes to fragrances. This is particularly important for me because 90% of the allergies caused by cosmetic products are due to allergens of essential oils.

  • Have to know about SLS!

    Have to know about SLS!

    We can state that nowadays many people suffer from various skin problems, including the one my friend had. Several studies found that every third person has some sort of skin problem.  It is very surprising for me that every third person can suffer from eczema, nettle-rash, psoriasis and rosacea, or have an extremely dry skin, from which without the proper treatment eczema can develop.

    Three weeks ago a friend of mine showed me his feet, which were so dry that they had got cracked. I gave him one of our shower gel products and told him to try it.
    Yesterday evening we met again. He showed me happily that the wounds had been healed.